I am often asked at shooting matches about Shredder Industries and what we make. I can’t help but to laugh and say “I just made it up.” The truth is that I was shooting a 3 Gun competition in Pennsylvania with a couple friends when the concept of Shredder came to me. It later became table side humor among friends and then a series of hashtags. Everything began getting branded with some type of Shredder reference and that’s when it hit me. What if Shredder was an actual company, branding clothing and apparel for shooters, sportsmen, and just common everyday people? And just like that, Shredder was born. It didn’t take long to create a brand and offer customers high quality clothing options with badass graphics and humorous ideas. The awesome thing about Shredder is our ideas don’t come from a guy sitting in front of a computer. They come from real scenarios with real people and that’s what makes Shredder different from our competition. We get to share those stories with you and in return, you get to increase your sex appeal in your Shredder Branded gear. We have gone from a joke to a full blown company with roots in shooting sports and Second Amendment preservation. I am humbled at the amount of support from fellow friends during this launch. It’s never easy to start something new, but with the shooting family I have, nothing is out of reach.


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