Is doesn’t take long to see what gun people struggle with most in 3 Gun.  More times than not, the struggle comes with the shotgun.  Unlike putting a high capacity pistol or rifle magazine in during a stage, the shotgun must be loaded by hand.  The shotgun also must be setup to allow for faster loading.  You need to open up the loading port in order to stuff those guys into the tube.  If you don’t, you’re probably never going to be consistent or proficient.  Now there are a variety of different methods used in loading the shotgun.  Some load like our Grandfathers and put them in one at a time, while others do a load two.  A “load two” means you have two shells in your hand at a time and push them in the tube as a stacked pair.  The other type of loading, which is probably the most popular these days is the quad load.  This is where you have four rounds in your hand and you basically take the method of the load two, but you now have two pairs in your hand instead of one.  This can really speed you up once you practice enough because you eliminate the extra motion of going back to the belt every time you need another two rounds.  Even if this only takes a second, it is wasted time.  One second may not sound like a lot, but the first time you finish a major match and the difference between your finish and the guy 15 spots ahead of you is only five seconds, you’ll wish you had been more efficient.  The whole game of 3 gun is about efficiency.  You have to be smart about every move you make and the shotgun is the easiest to become efficient.  It is easy because most people accept the shotgun as being their weakness and do nothing to improve.  That’s where this post will help you.  You must become comfortable with the shotgun and loading it.  You must take the time to become proficient with your loading and when it becomes muscle memory, you will likely not lose your ability.  Even if you can’t find the time to practice every day.  Even though the shotgun takes more time to load, it is probably the coolest and most versatile of the three.  I became proficient with the shotgun on accident.  There was a time that I absolutely hated shooting my pistol and I would use my shotgun for anything that I could so that I would not have to use my pistol.  Then one day I realized I was loading and shooting stages in the same times as guys who were using both pistol and shotgun.  You shouldn’t use any gun as a crutch and even if one brings you down, you must not fear it and always strive to improve with it.



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