Some things in life surprise people, while other things not so much.  When I decided to sell firearms back over ten years ago, I never thought that one day it would just be boring and become more of something to do than a fun way of supporting myself.  Being a firearms dealer has been a fun journey.  I have gotten to meet a lot of people in the industry and have made a lot of good friends.  However, there comes a time to change gears, change directions, and just change the way you do things.  I have always found myself to be creative and think in ways that others do not.  The ideas that I come up with aren’t always the best, but when I have a good one, it generally works out well.  Over the past few months, I have made the decision to close my gun business and start on a new adventure.  This adventure takes creativity and an open mind, which comes easy for me most of the time.  I often see things that are awesome and wonder if people would wear that on a shirt.  Let’s face the facts here.  We all have to wear clothes, so why wouldn’t we want to wear awesome clothes?  Especially tops and such that are a reflection of our personality, hobby, etc.  I find it amazing to be able to drive down the road or see something that inspires me to create a shirt design.  Then to have the ability to print that idea onto an article of clothing and share it with others is amazing.  The gun industry never gave me that sense of satisfaction.  So the transition from selling guns to selling shirts has been fairly easy.  I’m not stuck waiting on others to come up with awesome products.  I am able to do it myself.  The point of this blog is to inspire anyone to chase their dreams and follow what you believe in.  No matter how crazy or different what you want to do is from what you’re doing.  If you never do it, you will never know.

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