It’s no secret that I have been shooting competitively for several years. Some days I look as if it’s my first day, but occasionally I surprise myself. One thing I have found with my shooting abilities is the more I work, the more I improve. This improvement and constant practice keeps my skills sharp and mental fatigue at a minimum. Introducing yourself to competitive shooting is often times one of the toughest choices you’ll ever make. Being new to the rules and organized methodology of shooting, one can quickly become overwhelmed. The fastest way to overcome this anxiety is to go to a match and ask questions. Buying the proper gear is as critical to your safety as it is your success. One should see what equipment others use and see it demonstrated at the match. Most shooters are more than happy to show you their equipment and can point you in the right direction to make a purchase. Bringing new shooters to the range is what makes this sport great. Once you have your gear, you’re ready for your first match. There are many multimedia or social media outlets available to prepare you for what you will encounter at the range. Your number one goal at your first match is to be safe and finish the match. Once you get a couple of matches under your belt, you will then advance and begin to break down stages in your mind and mentally prepare yourself for each course of fire. This takes time, but will come with great ease once your fundamentals are solid and you start improving.

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