Each year, millions of people talk about how they are going to crush the New Year and how things are going to be awesome for them. Then somewhere around the middle of February, they forget all about these new plans.  Shooting Sports can be the same if you lose your focus.  As we are overwhelmed by winter and the frigid outside temperatures, it’s hard to get out and shoot.  Many monthly matches are cancelled due to the weather.  So does that mean you fall victim to the weather and postpone your New Year plans until it warms up?

Absolutely not. Get your gear on and get your ass to dry firing and load practicing in your basement, your garage, or wherever you can stay warm and improve.  There is so much time left on stages due to mental errors that can be corrected in the comfort of your own home.  Dry Firing lets you improve on your pistol draw and point to become more fluid in your movements.  You can also improve the time you waste on magazine changes and other movements that should be done on the move when you aren’t shooting.

If you are a 3 gunner, you have more tools to work with than pistol or pcc shooters. 3 gun shooters also have that one gun that many hate.  I have no idea why, but many people absolutely hate the shotgun.  With that being said, they typically hate it not because it’s an awesome tool that pulverizes clay targets and bangs the hell out of 50 yard steel targets, but because they suck at loading it.  That’s the great thing about the New Year and when it’s too cold to shoot.  Practice loading and make a resolution to yourself to get a good set of quad loading shell caddies and set your mind to mastering the load.  It only takes a day or so to get the rhythm down and within a week, you’ll be loading 8 in under 4 seconds and then you’ll be doing it on the move across the living room.  Don’t just talk about what you want to do this year.  Get out there and do it!



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