One thing about the shooting community is that it’s constantly evolving and building our youth into some of the best professional shooters and professional individuals our society has to offer. There are so many youth today that would rather sit inside on their gaming console than get out and enjoy what the world has to offer. I am proud of the young people that choose competitive shooting to build communication skills and team building skills. Shredder is proud to represent a small number of youth shooters and assist them and their families with some of the expenses that come with competition shooting. For the most part, this sport is self-funded and very few make it to the main stage. We believe the youth today are the ones who will preserve our Second Amendment rights for tomorrow. It is an awesome experience just to shoot with these young men and women. It is a greater pleasure to learn as much from them as they do us. There are several youth shooters in the industry that have grown into professional adult shooters and are great assets to the companies in which they represent. A word of thanks must be given to the parents of these shooters. As with soccer games or other sports, competitive shooting takes these youth all over the country for only a small chance of making it big. However, the goals these shooters set for themselves and the friendships they make, far exceed what any of them could get by participating in other sports.

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